Why Choose Tanwear?

Boutique tanning dresses and tanning clothes

Specifically designed for wearing after tanning

Non staining colour selection

Designed with features to protect your tan 

Made with 100% quality Cotton & Rayon

Easy and comfortable to slip on

One size fits most sizing

Tan wear tanning kaftan dresses in blue and black

No more dirty car seats!

Our short long kaftan tanning dress design was made to protect the back of your legs against the likes of car seats and office chairs.

Adjustable shoulder straps

Allows you to slip on the jumpsuit with ease and tie to your desired length.  

Also highly recommended for breastfeeding mums.

Tan Wear Jumpsuits in blue and black
Tan Wear Tanning Kaftans in green colour

Waist drawstring

Our drawstring tanning dresses are designed to allow all shapes and sizes to wear comfortably and allows you to customize your look post tan. 

Soft Elasticated Strapless

This maxi tanning dress is perfect for those who are trying to correct shoulder tan lines or who are preparing to wear a strapless dress to an event such as  formals and weddings.

Tanning Dresses with soft elasticated top

What our clients say

“ Love my new Tan Wear dress, it feels so comfy I wear it frequently, not just when I get a tan. Great to slip on over my swimsuit or to pop down to the shops. Also, I love the colour! I got the green one.”

Jacqui Pigott

“Lovely soft material and an excellent colour, feels great on! and it’s perfect for over bathers too!”


Clementine Rushford

“Just love this dress! soft & comfy and perfect to pop on after my tan whilst it develops and doesn’t leave any marks!”


Kate Dunne

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Tan Wear Tips

What should I wear to my Spray Tan appointment?

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Tan Wear by Dare, of course! We have specifically designed these garments to be worn before, during the processing time and even after a spray tan. Our dresses & Jumpsuits are made to help minimise strap lines, be comfortable and loose fitting, made using darker colours to avoid colour transfer from the tan solution and of course stylish! If you are unable to get your hands on one of Tan Wear by Dare garments, then we highly recommend something nice and loose and easy to slip on after a spray tan.

A few Must-Do's before your Spray Tan

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It's preferable that any massages, waxing or laser appointments be done at least 48 hours prior to your tan. If shaving, we recommend doing so the night before your appointment or the morning of your appointment and rinsing with cold water, making sure the tan solution doesn’t get caught in the pores and appear as little brown dots.

Some more Spray Tan Must-Do's

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Another must do is to exfoliate your entire body the day/evening before or first thing in the morning for an evening appointment. Removing dead skin provides a nice smooth surface to spray on to. Avoid wearing any perfumes, creams, deodorants or make up to your appointment, a clean canvas is always best!